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bee together.

Hive is a scalable, branded and comprehensive virtual event environment that makes it easy to create, market, and host a gathering that will have people buzzin’.

The family of brands at Entertainment Technology Partners (ETP) came together to create and offer a tailored virtual event space where people can bee together.
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it’s the bee's knees.

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Brand your hive.

Every hive is unique, so we think your virtual event should be, too. We work with you to create a space branded to your conference, including keynote presentations, breakout sessions, exhibitions, places to network, and more.
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People bee buzzin’.

Automate the email communication flow to keep your participants up to date before, during and after your event.
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Bumble-free registration.

We handle the registration process and make it easy to provide regular communication to your attendees. Registration data can connect to your CRM to help you create new relationships with customers and strengthen existing ones.
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Grow your colony.

Welcome live audiences big and small for single or multi-day events. Our event moderation services ensure a smooth-as-honey experience no matter the size of the event. Plus, we can stream your event on Facebook and YouTube to expand your reach even further.
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virtual event environment

why hive.

  • Dedicated design team*
    Our design team brands your event microsite with unique backgrounds, custom graphics, logo placements and more.
  • Faster timelines**
    Our team of busy bees will build out the event framework as well as all of the branding and design elements.
  • Embedded webinar system
    Hosting webinars within hive couldn’t bee any easier with our in-platform webinar management system.
  • Trusted broadcast & platform support
    Our trusted hive experts and AV technicians work together to deliver a seamless experience.
  • Data & analytics
    Gather data, leads and analytics with the hive Virtual Business Card.


*Custom graphic needs are assessed individually based on the scope request.

**Timelines dependent on event size and scope.

Host a buzzworthy event.

Hive makes it easy to launch your own virtual conference or summit, targeted directly at your audience.

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Custom-Built Microsite

You choose the URL. We create an event microsite where participants can learn more about the event, sign up, and eventually join the event day-of.

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CRM/MAS Integration

Seamlessly and natively integrate your event with Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, and other CRM platforms.

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Full-Service Registration

Tailor registration settings to your needs. Make your event free to attend, or collect payment. Generate leads and data.
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Complete Email Capabilities

Customize the flow of emails your participants will receive, including confirmations, reminders, and follow-up emails.
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Use pre-recorded content to host the event “simu-live” to reduce risks, or “hybrid-live” with a mix of pre-recorded and live content.

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Facebook & YouTube Live

Stream your event to Facebook or YouTube Live to combine hive’s interactive benefits with an expanded reach on social media.

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